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Handmade Creations

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My Passion

The “ I Wish” Brand

Starting in 2010 I decided to take a quilting class.
I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I needed something I could enjoy.


My passion has grown with the patterns I follow and the patterns I design. Fabric brings so much comfort into the home and it soothes my soul.

I focus on special orders with a personal touch and lots of usable items.

                                       - Lori Reddy

My Collections

I create items across all of the categories below and sell them in The Home Shop at Change of Seasons. Come find the perfect item for you at the shop or message me directly with your idea for a custom project. I love working with people to create pieces that reflect who they are.





Hotpads: Handle your hot dishes without risking a burn. Custom fabric options to perfectly match your kitchen 

Giant Hotpads

Giant Hot-pads: Place your hot dishes on your counter or table without a worry.  Holiday and custom fabrics available.

Microwave Bowls

Microwave Bowls: Place your bowl in one of these and never worry about burning your fingers on a hot bowl again.

Stylish Organizers

Coupon Wallets

Coupon Wallets: A great addition to your purse, designed to hold their shape and keep your coupons or receipts safe.

Cash/Card Wallets

Cash/Card Wallets: Perfect size to put in your pocket holds your cards and cash. Unique patterns to suit your style.


Peapods: Unique in shape and use. Mine holds my phone cords when I travel.  Others use it for their headphones or USBs .

Personalized Decor


Pillows: Mostly done seasonally or custom orders. Many of my pillows are my own designs or unique patterns.

Table Runners

Table Runners: Seasonal pieces or custom made. These work for your kitchen table , counter tops or coffee tables.

Custom Projects

Custom Projects: Come to me with your idea, large or small, and I'll help you bring it to life. I quilt, sew, hand embroider and crochet.

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